Letter From the Editors: January 3, 2020

t’s a new decade! This means feeling the upcoming anticipation in waiting to discover new art, music, Netflix series, movies, and fashion! This year feels like it will be an exceptional one because there are big events happening; an extra day in February, the Olympics, and the Elections in November. 

In the December issue, we published a story showcasing the amazing Christmas decor coordinated by Mrs. Connie Peters. Since we did not cover them in that article, Mrs. Peters wants to extend gratitude to other members of the team. Mrs. Peters is confident that the magic of Christmas at Mayfield is only possible through collaborative teamwork. Special thanks goes out to Mrs. Lisa Hernandez, Ms. Maryann Householder, Ms. Jade Stewart, Mr. Philip Velasco along with the student and facilities volunteers. 

The Crier wants everyone to really make this new year a phenomenal one because once we are able to have faith in ourselves then there is no stopping the passion and power of our talents. Happy 2020!