Letter from Editors: June 2, 2022


Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Goodbye school and hello summer!

PASADENA, California – As warmer weather rolls in and student drivers roll out, Mayfield’s campus is buzzing with excitement about the end of the school year and the approaching summer vacation. The school year of 2021-2022 has been a return to “normalcy” as in-person classes returned. For the Mayfield Crier, we were able to have weekly Friday meetings after school which were very productive. From competitive rounds of Current Event Quiz competitions to recording our new podcasts, the Mayfield Crier staff has been very busy this year under the encouraging leadership of our amazing advisor Ms. Gomez. We are sad to say goodbye to our senior staff members and editors and wish them the best of luck in college. 


First and foremost, we would like to thank our wonderful and talented editors-in-chief Grace Sandman and Hannah Sherman. Thanks to their leadership, we have put out nine amazing issues. We know they are going to do amazing things. 

Thank you to Heidi Teng for the work she did as our News Co Editor-In-Chief. Her articles on COVID-19 and different aspects of technology kept us knowledgeable on everything in the science world. 

To Mia Maalouf who led our Opinion section as Co Editor-In-Chief especially with her articles on faith and mental health. 

To Avalon Dela Rosa as she kept readers informed about all the latest fashion trends in her role as Features Co Editor-In-Chief. 

Thank you to Ashlee Smith for her work in her position as Arts Co Editor-In-Chief and keeping us entertained with her satire articles on Suga the BTS doll. 

We are also grateful to our Senior staffers:

Thanks to columnist Kathryn Mechaley, writers Lucy Martinez, Grace Gannon, Le Anh Metzger, Drew Valentino, and graphic designer Anaiz Delgado for the effort they put into the Crier this year. We appreciate all of your hard work. 


This school year was a very successful one for our staff. Our staff was recognized by the National Scholastic Writing Awards, the New York Times, the National Public Radio, the Journalism Education Association, and our publishing site SNO. Congratulations to all our award winners including Grace Sandman ‘22, LeAhn Metzger ‘22, Madison Rojas ‘23, and from the Advanced Journalism class, Chloe Leong ‘24 and Bella Guerra ‘23. We are so proud of our award-winning cubs! The Mayfield Crier website also improved so much this past year. Make sure to check out the new podcast section to listen to “Let’s Talk Pop! With Maddy and Mon” and “I Am My Own”. 

But, as we say goodbye to this year’s amazing editorial staff, we also want to welcome our incoming editorial staff for the 2022-2023 school year! Next year, you can expect the monthly letter from the editors to be written by your new Editor-in-Chief, Madison Rojas, and News Co-Editor-in-Chief, Afton Copeland-Spiegel. 

We are also excited to announce our incoming staff for next year:

Miranda Gallegos ’23-Reviews Co Editor-in-Chief

Abby Beegle ’23 -Columns Co Editor-in-Chief

Jackie Vargas ’23-Technology and Media Editor

Alisa Balian ’24-Opinion Editor

Monica Zepeda ’24-Features Editor

Chloe Leong ’24-Managing Editor

Callie Pippert ’23-Arts and Entertainment Editor


Thank you to our readers for all your support in the past months. We are looking forward to see what the new school year has to bring and cannot wait to help the Mayfield Crier grow as a newspaper. For now, we’re signing off and wishing you all a summer of fun and normalcy! We’ll see you next year!