February Letter from the Editors: February 25, 2022

PASADENA, CA — Hello February! You’re looking good, and not just because you’re our birthday month. You’re the season of love, and chocolate hearts, and big great pink balloons. Wait. Pink balloons? Something is telling me that pink is a mix of red and white. Hmmmm. 

That’s right, February means Spirit Week! From February 7th – February 11th, campus was ablaze with spirited Cubs decked out in creative, colorful, and even a little crazy outfits. Monday was Celebrity Day so you were likely to see more than a few Taylor Swift’s walking around campus and if you were lucky, you may have even spotted Mr. Worldwide himself! Tuesday’s theme was Suits — what does that mean? Well you could come dressed in anything related to “suits.” Students came in morph suits, business suits, swimsuits, playing cards, and superhero suits. Wednesday was Bikers v. Surfers day, a tribute to Teen Beach Movie, and on Thursday, each grade dressed in class colors. Thursday also marked a historic win for the Class of 2022 who won their first and final class dance competition! Go Seniors! (We may be a little biased). Juniors came in second, Freshmen in third, and the Sophomores took fourth place. 

And for the moment you’ve all been waiting for….Friday’s Red and White Day. The competition started out fierce with Red taking the lead. But the White team caught up and the scores were tied before the final iconic Tug-of-War showdown. In one of the shortest Tug-of-War games ever, Red edged out and brought home a win for the Red Team, breaking the White Team’s 2-year win streak. 

On February 17th, Mayfield hosted its first annual Black History Month Mini-Conference. Instead of having a whole-school assembly, students had the opportunity to attend two sessions centering around this month’s theme: Black Health & Wellness, Joy as Resistance. The goals of the Mini-Conference were  to “celebrate and highlight Mayfield’s Black community members, and raise awareness in our non-Black community members of Black joy and agency”.  

On the playing field, Mayfield’s Varsity Soccer team is making history. On the 12th, the Cubs beat Flintridge Prep, who have been undefeated in their League for five years. As the Cubs head into the semifinals this weekend, they are breaking records, making it the furthest into playoffs Mayfield has ever advanced in two decades. Go Cubs! 

As February comes to a close, the senior class is having graduation dress fittings, finalizing their senior service projects, and starting to hear back from colleges. It sure is a bittersweet time, realizing we only have three months left at Mayfield and on the Crier staff. We are incredibly grateful for you, our readers, and hope you enjoy this month’s release!

With love, 

Hannah and Gracie