The Mayfield Crier

Letter From the Editors: May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020

Hey Mayfield! Though these past few months have been confusing and stressful, the Mayfield community is excited to continue the new year with enthusiasm. The Mayfield Crier staff is doing everything they can to make this happen. W...

Best Environmental Practices

Sophia Kroe, Contributor

May 4, 2020

Print as Little as Necessary Complete classwork online and submit homework online when possible. If you need to print try double-sided and use 10 pt font size so that you won’t waste as much paper. Bring your own refillabl...

Dear COVID-19 – Opinion

Gracie Sandman, Managing Editor-In-Chief

May 3, 2020

Dear COVID-19,  I, like many others, underestimated You. The moment You emerged in Wuhan, China, I turned a blind eye towards You. I didn't believe You would have any impact on my life whatsoever. Although in the beginning...

Best Saints for Teens

Emily Wallace and Vienna Copado

May 3, 2020

“Oh, when the saints go marching in, Oh, when the saints go marching in. Oh, Lord, I want to be in that number...when the saints go marching in!” Who wouldn’t want to be in step with ordinary people who lived extraordinary live...

How to Escape Covid-19

Miranda Gallegos, Contributor

May 3, 2020

Today, it’s Covid-19 on the daily. We see it on social media, television, and receive messages from those in our community. We feel like we have absolutely no control over it and that we are “avoiding the truth” if we do not  Co...



May 3, 2020