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It’s the Season for Sunburns– Dominic Fike’s Album Defines the REAL Teen Summer

Take a look at Dominic Fikes summer hits from 2024. Art by Sofia Hesling.

Raw and youthful lyrics underscored by heavy bass and string melodies that effortlessly communicate teenage angst; Sunburn charms and attracts diverse audiences in a 39-minute and 13-second ode to teenagers everywhere. 

Music has power, but to have one album narrate the entirety of my summer was a remarkable feat, achieved by upcoming American singer-songwriter Dominic Fike. When I opened my eyes on the bright summer day that was July 7, I wasn’t expecting much to happen. Sure, it was summer and the possibilities were endless, but I wasn’t aware of how drastically my life would change and that by sunset, the way I viewed music would be permanently altered. 

The release of Dominic Fikes’ Sunburn, perfectly timed for one to resonate with the title, was well-anticipated, as Fike fans had been eagerly waiting for a new album since 2020. 

 Fear, jealousy, and heartbreak, the album covers the core emotions teenagers experience daily. Fike’s music is saturated with the mess and anxiety that define high school and is an ode to his teenage experience. Think Fast and 4X4 particularly reflect on his Florida roots and adolescence. 

Reclined on a creaky mahogany lounge chair, I slipped my earbuds in and relaxed my eyelids, allowing my body to be engulfed in sunshine. The first few notes of ‘How Much is Weed?’ danced around in my head and soon I was immersed. The acoustic and addicting tune was upbeat and catchy; perfectly capturing the summer essence.  

Sure, Taylor Swifts’ Eras Tour dominated the summer, but to me, Sunburn is the exemplary and ideal album exposing the REAL summer – not a girl’s fantasy. Fike truly understands the plethora of complex emotions that are experienced by teenagers and sympathizes. And while Swift may have stolen the spotlight in the entertainment aspect, Fike provides a deeper and truer connection with his fans that is meant to last. 

With tracks like Mama’s Boy and Frisky, I refused to leave the house without earbuds, as if in fear of missing out on the new soundtrack to my life. Walking on the beach I listened to Bodies; the optimistic tune syncing with the opaque teal waves crashing into the damp sand. During late-night car drives, I stuck my head out the window to scream the lyrics to Think Fast (feat. Weezer). Excruciating plane rides were brightened when I played Sick. I had become one with the album, with the songs.  

Not only were his songs beautifully written and had catchy lyrics, the underlying message resonates with many teenagers today. 27 year-old Fike captures the teenage experience in a singular album, an amazing feat for his sophomore effort. 2023 would be nothing without this fantastic collection.

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About the Contributor
Sofia Hesling
Sofia Hesling, Cubs Student News Reporter
Sofia Hesling is a sophomore at Mayfield Senior School and this is her first year participating in Cub Student News and the Mayfield Crier. She is part of the Beginner Journalism Class and looks forward to enhancing her writing skills in Newspaper. Outside of Journalism, Sofia enjoys representing Mayfield in sports, as she plays tennis, water polo and swim. She takes part in many service oriented clubs such as Campus Ministry and Cubs in Scrubs and looks forward to publishing more articles on the Mayfield Crier.

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