Juniors’ Summer Scrapbook


Summer Scrapbook graphic created by Monica Zepeda ’24.

Many high schoolers believe that the summer before junior year is one of the most transformative and memorable summers one will ever experience. Mayfield juniors agree. 

“Although balancing summer vacation activities and summer homework was a bit overwhelming, I would say that overall I had a fun-filled and exciting summer vacation,” said Mia Mayer ‘24, who managed to fit in tennis practice, and visits to Hawaii, Santa Barbara.  “I know a lot of our classmates did amazing things this summer.”  

Whether it was working at a summer camp or traveling across the globe, Mayfield’s juniors soaked up every last minute of sun this summer, making wonderful memories. 

Nikki Hensley ’24 said that she spent about 95% of her time on the coast of California. “There’s something about the warm sun, salty air, and blue water that brings so much happiness,” said Hensley. Wendy Waite worked as a counselor at Camp Adventurewood, where there were many amazing outdoor activities. Francesca DiFronzo took Biology over the summer, which helped her “gain a new appreciation for how aspects of biology are everywhere,” in order to prepare her for AP Biology class. 

Rachael Yoon says that her favorite part of an east coast college trip with her sister, Ella,  was “exposing [herself] to areas and cities so different to Pasadena” and getting “to learn more about [herself] and the environment [she] thrives in.” 

Kasani Freeman visited Europe with some of her school friends. Alisa Balian worked at Sarkis Pastry and visited Italy and Croatia. 

This reporter took a birthday trip with my family to Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, and I had such a wonderful time shopping, learning about different cultures, and eating lots of pizza! I can’t wait to find out what next summer has in store for the Class of 2024.

Some of my classmates have helped me compile pictures from our summers, which I have added to this “Juniors’ Summer Scrapbook”!