Mayfield Minute: Mass of the Holy Spirit


Father Dorian Llywelyn passes out the eucharist to members of the Campus Ministry Council. Photo Courtesy of the Mayfield Crier.

“The Mass of the Holy Spirit was an amazing way to start the year, and I really liked seeing everyone pitch their ideas to plan a meaningful mass for everyone. I am so happy that everyone in Campus Ministry got to have a special part!” stated Campus Ministry Council member Sophia Kroe ‘23 . The first mass of the 2022-2023 school year took place on September 16, 2022. It was a beautiful event planned by the Campus Ministry Council and led by Father Dorian Llywelyn. As well, the gifts offered up were extremely unique and emphasized the theme of the mass which was New Beginnings. The freshmen brought out seeds, sophomores were the stems, juniors were the leaves, seniors were the flowers, and faculty and staff were nutrients. The message of this offering, showing the community and connection each class has with one another as well as with the faculty was beautiful. What a great sentiment and mass to start out the year!