Cathartic Things To Do With School Ending

School is nearly over and after all the tests and projects, we all need to relax and escape the stressful overwhelming mindscape. Here is a list of recommendations to help keep you calm during these last few days of stress and work and start your summer

Don’t turn away from this lonely whiteboard… throw a little pizazz on his face with some marker. (Miranda Gallegos, Abby Beegle)
  1. Draw/Write on White Boards
    1. Try finding any white boards and just writing on them. This could be any words that come to mind or an image you want to draw. If you are waiting for a class to start and there are whiteboards on the walls, draw a smiley face, or write “hello” (in all caps of course). 
  2.  Playing with Orbeez
    1. For anyone who has a younger sibling this is perfect! Orbeez are a great and a soothing way to calm the mind. They feel nice and cool in your hands. If you don’t have orbeez, another great substitute is slime. 
This shredder just gets to destroy paper all day, you should be jealous. (Miranda Gallegos and Abby Beegle)
  1.  Shredding/Ripping Paper
    1. When that final bell does ring (well no bell for mayfield, more like clock ticks) and school is finally done for the year, let the ripping start. It is extremely cathartic to shred and rip paper, especially when they are older assignments and homework that took up a lot of your time. If you have a shredder at home, even better!
  2. Baking
    1. Following a simple recipe is great to clear the mind of any thoughts. After, cleaning and washing the dishes can even be very mind numbing. Bonus, you get to have a sweet after you’re done. 
Grab a snazzy pair of scissors and just destroy paper.
  1. Little bits of Fun
    1. Try cutting up some paper using some scissors. Even better if you have a paper cutter (like the kind in teachers lounges) to cut a pile of paper with. Just be careful with sharp tools and remember to recycle! 
Get revenge on bubble wrap. (Miranda Gallegos and Abby Beegle)
  1. Bubble Wrap Popping
    1. Everyone loves bubbles. Relieve stress with bubble wrap and massacre a bunch of plastic bubbles.