The Pumpkin Spice Debate


The start of fall also marks the beginning of pumpkin spice latte season at Starbucks! Graphic designed by Carolyn Freese ’24.

As the Summer heat fades away and the turn to fall introduces new wardrobes, activities, and, most importantly, new flavors, will you be reaching for seasonal pumpkin-spiced breakfasts, desserts, and drinks, or will you stick to your tried and true staples? Mayfield cubs are finding themselves on opposing sides of this annual pumpkin spice debacle.

Olivia Laguna ’25, a self-described avid pumpkin spice lover, feels as though “the flavor is intense and just right” and looks forward to indulging in  “pumpkin cake, drinks, and muffins” this season. 

Laguna opinions reflect that of many Mayfield Cubs this season who can be spotted with pumpkin cream cold brews and pumpkin loaves throughout the hallways of Strub. 

The passionate lovers of pumpkin spice have an equal and opposite rival from those who would rather avoid pumpkin spice altogether this Autumn. Alisa Bailian ’24 believes that “pumpkin spice is overrated” with an unappealing “artificial flavor”. Alisa is not alone in this stance and is supported by many of her fellow cubs. Those averse to pumpkin spice are looking forward to the annual pumpkin spice hysteria to mellow out in the months to come. 

The cubs are divided by preference during the season of pumpkin spice. Which are you? Will you be reaching for your pumpkin-spiced treats every chance you get, or will you avoid the pumpkin spice craze as much as you can?