Mayfield Minute: Red for the Win!


Cubs face off in an intense game of dodgeball. Photo courtesy of the Mayfield Crier.

Afton Copeland Spiegel, News Co-Editor-In-Chief

PASADENA, California– On Friday, September 9, the Student Council hosted the second spirit assembly of the year. Per usual, it was filled with unique games, fun music, and lots of cheering. Red and White teams competed in three games to win spirit points. The first game was exciting as ever as participating students covered themselves with duct tape and rolled around in a pile of cards in hopes of winning by being the person who had the most cards stuck to their tape. Next, teachers and staff participated in a race by crawling across the gym floor and rolling a head of cabbage with their heads. The assembly ended with an intense game of dodgeball with Red Team being named the winner. Tillie Vanaken ‘23 described the assembly as, “ABSOLUTELY lit.” The Red Team was the overall winner of the day but the White Team is preparing for a year full of close competition!