Mayfield Minute: Minion Mania


Mayfield’s Student Council presented a hilarious Despicable Me-themed video. Photo courtesy of the Mayfield Crier staff.

Lauren Arcenas , Staff Writer

Mayfield Senior’s 2022-2023 school year started off with a bang as students excitedly flooded into the Pike Auditorium on the first day of school. A hilarious video made by the Student Council announced the theme for the school year: Minions: The Rise of Mayfield! The video, inspired by the Despicable Me movie franchise, starred the Student Council members and included a special guest appearance by the Head of School Mrs. Morin. This year, each class is assigned a different character from the Despicable Me movie: the freshmen are the orphans (Margo, Agnes, and Edith), the sophomores are the minions, the juniors are Gru, and the seniors are Vector! What an awesome way to start the year!