Review: Frozen II Matured Along with Original Audience

Review: Frozen II Matured Along with Original Audience

Let it go, and drop everything because the sequel Frozen II is finally here. Fans who loved the original 2013 release weren’t disappointed, with some even saying they thought Frozen II, with some particularly mature themes and complex plot, was better than the first movie. 

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

For those who saw the movie, one of the most memorable parts of the movie is the death sequence. Elsa, while on her quest to find answers at athohalland, digs too deep into the past, and freezes just like Anna in the first movie (the cold does bother her). This event then leads to Olaf flurrying away because Elsa is gone and her magic along with her. These scenes are heartbreaking and had the audience in tears. For little kids, seeing your favorite princess die can be scary and extremely crushing.

One of the darkest moments of the movie is when Anna watches Olaf float away, and knows this is because Elsa died. She sings the song The Next Right Thing, which has a powerful message, but is extremely depressing whether you’re a kid or not. “I’ve seen dark before but not like this. This is cold, this is empty, this is numb. The life I knew is over, the lights are out. Hello, darkness I’m ready to succumb.”

The lyrics express Anna’s grief to the audience, which most children of a young age have yet to experience and may be new and confusing to them. 

Frozen II’s plot point of betrayal from the past between the Arandelians and the Northuldra is too complicated for little kids. Basically, there is a moment when Elsa learns that her grandfather had built a dam to weaken the Northuldra’s lands and killed their leader. Some say that it represents the historical event of European colonists pushing Native Americans from their land, which is a hard topic for children to learn through a Disney princess movie. 

Another sign that the sequel matured along with the audience, Frozen II digs deep into the theme of how everything changes including yourself, and that you need to find who you are as a person. With this movie and its mature story, writing, scenes, and plot, it’s best to say that Disney intended to make it specifically for the children who watched it from a younger age, and had grown up. Although, Disney made almost all of the basic parts of the movie acceptable for children. It’s not that children shouldn’t watch Frozen II, it’s simply Frozen II is not a kids movie.