Ask The Athlete: Jumping Back from An Injury

Keara Keetly, Sports Editor

How did you get injured?

The summer going into sophomore year, I was doing the summer basketball league with Mayfield. In a game against Arcadia High School, I was going for the ball and tripped over the defender’s ankle, and landed on my arm. My shoulder popped out, and the athletic trainer had to reset it on the court. It was very scary, and I had to go to the hospital after getting a sling. I had to wear the sling for possibly 1-2 months.

How are you recovering from your injury?

I have been going to Physical Therapy after having surgery in August. I’m doing pretty intense workouts at PT. It is very hard, but I have a lot of motion and strength back.

What are you doing to prepare to get back to the basketball and track?

I am trying to start dribbling, in order to possibly play basketball this season.Sometimes, I just go outside and dribble with both left and right arms, and I do some moves. Though, I can’t shoot yet, but I’m hoping to regain my strength to make some part of the season. I also go to the games to mentally prepare and see how I could play, and how to improve.

Are you excited to get back to the season?

I am so excited! Sports are so important to me, and I really want to contribute to the team. I love the sport and team camaraderie, as well as the atmosphere. I always look forward to the team!