Upcycle Your Halloween Candy


By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you may have leftover Halloween candy stuck in the back of your pantry or at the bottom of your backpack. Rather than throw it out, you can donate it or turn the candy into a new creation with these upcycling hacks. 

  • Do you have leftover Halloween Peeps? Melt them down and add in rice crispy cereal for delicious rice crispy treats. 
  • Leftover chocolate bars? Melt them down and add to a glass of milk for a warm mug of hot chocolate. 
  • Easily make Halloween bark with leftover chocolate, pretzels, and candy of your choice. 
  • If you find yourself not knowing what to do with your candy, you could also donate it to the H.O.T. club at Mayfield to be given to our troops.