Mayfield Senior Writers Win Big at the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Nine Mayfield Senior journalists and creative writers took home 18 regional awards at the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. From poems to articles to personal memoirs, the cubs won numerous Gold Keys, Silver Keys, and Honorable Mentions.

Congratulations to the many talented artists at Mayfield who had the opportunity to have their work recognized in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition this year. Recipients of Gold Key awards go on to be considered for national awards that will be announced in March.

Class of 2021:

Seniors Keara Keelty and Kristine Pascual collectively took home one Gold Key, two Silver Keys, and two Honorable Mentions. Keelty received a Silver Key for her poem titled “Chipped Wall.” She also was awarded an Honorable Mention for her critical essay “A Pianist and Poet Create the ‘Calm Before the Storm.’ Pascual was a Gold Key recipient for her poem “Hello Neighbor.” She earned a Silver Key for her personal memoir “Journals and Waffles.” Pascual’s second poetic piece titled “1-800-662HELP(4357)” received an Honorable Mention.

 Class of 2022

The juniors took home awards in poetry, flash fiction, journalism, and critical essay. Avalon Dela Rosa took home two Gold Keys in her poems titled “Aimless” and “Broken” as well as earning herself a Silver Key in her poem titled “The day he left.” Dela Rosa was also able to score an Honorable Mention for her poem titled “The Day He Left.”  Lucy Martinez and Kathryn Mechaley were awarded Honorable Mentions for their poetic works titled “Cola” and “Crumbling.” Martinez also took home an Honorable Mention for her flash fiction piece titled “Flowers.” Ashlee Smith’s hard hitting critical essay “The Faults in our Founders” received an Honorable Mention. Grace Sandman was a Silver Key Recipient for two of her journalism articles titled “@Dear Instagram Accounts Prompt Painful Discussions, Public Disclosures About Elite Private Schools” and ““Supreme Court’s Newest Justice Follows In The Seat But Not The Footsteps of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Sandman was awarded an Honorable Mention for her journalism piece titled @Dearmayfield Reveals History of Unchecked Racism”. Hannah Sherman‘s “Tik Tok Is Social Media Wasting Our Time?” received an Honorable Mention as well.

Class of 2023

Madison Rojas represented the sophomore class taking home an Honorable Mention for her journalistic work titled “Activism Should Be More Than Just a Hashtag.”

Stay tuned to read about the next steps for our Gold Key recipients as they will advance to the  National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in March.