2020 All Arts Virtual Showcase

One thing that has become clearer through this pandemic is the importance of the arts in our lives and in our community as a whole. We are so proud of how Mayfield’s Fine Arts faculty have risen to the challenge that is remote learning with enthusiasm. We are equally as amazed by the strength, commitment, and creativity our Mayfield artists have brought to this 2020-2021 school year. It is more important than ever to encourage and recognize the incredible talent of the many artists of our Mayfield community.

The 2020 All Arts Virtual Showcase provides all of Mayfield with an excellent opportunity to celebrate our artists and the outcomes of all of their hard work and determination from this fall. Please check out our Virtual Showcase website, where you can view amazing performances from Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Dance, and Theatre, as well as see works of art from Creative Writing, Photography, Film & Media, Technical Theatre and Studio Art. The website will be released on November 20th so be sure to keep a lookout! 

Mayfield Senior Theatre Conservatory

Additionally, Theatre Conservatory’s When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet will be available to stream from Friday, November 20 to Sunday, November 22. This one-act comedy by Charles George imagines what might happen when six Shakespearean heroines get together to talk about love! To view the production please keep an eye out for a link and password which will be sent out on Friday the 20th at 3:00 P.M. We look forward to sharing these artistic accomplishments with the Mayfield Community and hope you can all attend and support the arts at Mayfield!