Letter From The Editors: September 14, 2020


Hannah Sherman '22

Mayfield’s Pergola Lawn with Strub Hall and Turner Center.

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year–the Mayfield Crier strives to focus on creating a platform to open up our community’s discussion about racism and discrimination. In light of the recent, tragic deaths of Black Americans such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, our student newspaper wants to emphasize our goal of informing our readers through our journalistic work.

In our first edition of the Mayfield Crier this year, we highlight important topics surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. When you read our articles, we invite you to check out the Diversity Style Guide. The guide will help you become better acquainted with the various terminology presented in the articles surrounding racism and discrimination. We yearn to establish, and further foster, a forum and atmosphere of respect, growth, and learning, where students are encouraged to discuss and write about important events in the world around them. 

In March, Mayfield began remote learning for the first time, which seemed to result in mixed emotions. Some students preferred a day of online learning, spent sitting at a desk or even relaxing in their beds. However, others found it challenging to stay focused, with family members also online and various outside noises (like the neighbor’s lawn mowing), which would have been avoidable when physically at school. And students missed seeing the bright smiles and enthusiasm of their peers and teachers. Mayfield students will take on the upcoming school year from the screens of their laptops, embarking on an adventure in online learning. 

Though this year might be different compared to its predecessors, technology allows Mayfield students and teachers to meet for class, clubs, and activities via Google Meets or Zoom. Mayfield Senior will indeed maintain its joy, hope, and love of learning in its latest online endeavour! 

Also get ready for the Mayfield Crier 2.0, as we have a new and amazing website and content this year that we are very excited to unveil!