The Scary Reality of Climate Change

Disastrous floods, devastating wildfires, and a world devoid of the ice that many animals call home. This might become our reality, if the pressing issue of climate change is not finally addressed. The word itself means a “broad range of global phenomena created predominantly by burning fossil fuels” (NASA). Possible outcomes consist of rising sea levels, extreme weather, melting of glaciers, and a rise in temperature known as global warming. It occurs due to the use of fossil fuels which release greenhouse gases that trap heat in our atmosphere, similar to putting a wool blanket over a heater. Another cause is deforestation, as trees store carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, emitted from factories, electricity, and even our own homes. When these trees are cut down, they release that same gas into our atmosphere once again. Additionally, it depletes the habitats of the animals, especially endangered ones who depend on the trees for their survival. 

One of the most terrifying effects of climate change is how it hurts those in poverty. Flooding can directly affect those who rely on the agricultural industry. Hurricanes around the world are devastating for all, but they become even more so when the people affected by them cannot afford to rebuild or relocate. Additionally, the dry, hot conditions created can lead to out of control wildfires, like the ones in our area.  It is crucial that we take action now and work to slow down the now scary reality of climate change. 

Ways you can help:

  • reduce your overall energy use at home
  • buy and use electric cars
  • sign petitions 
  • utilize renewable and sustainable energy, use carbon taxes 
  • Contribute to  movements to stop deforestation. It is crucial that we take action now and work to slow down the now scary reality of climate change.