Theft Causes Concerns in Community

On Friday, October 18th, Annie Aloisio ‘21 came back from serving at the St. Francis Center in Downtown LA to a shocking discovery—someone had rifled through her backpack and stolen her wallet, zipping it up afterwards. Alarmed, Aloisio told Ms. Shaw, who then sent out a mass email to the student body, regarding the disappearance of the wallet.

After the club meeting time, a classmate of Aloisio found the wallet thrown into the locker room. However, her credit card was half taken out and the wallet was partially open. Upon inspection, she realized that all of her money was taken. 

Aloisio stated that she feels, “Super violated by this experience as I would never expect anything of mine to be stolen out of my backpack at school.” She is “ disappointed in the Mayfield community…” and says “I never thought that anyone would ever do this.” 

Concern has arisen from this incident, as it reminds students of previous theft issues, in which multiple backpacks, laptops and more were stolen throughout the 2018-2019 school year. 

Aloisio recommends keeping track of your personal items as you never know what when something may go missing. Additionally, she “doesn’t care as much about the material items that were taken, but rather that someone would steal from other students.” 

Dean of Students, Abigail Shaw says that is disappointing for all of us. 

“When something like this happens it is shocking to all of us and it is not in character or in line with the Mayfield values,” said Shaw. “It is an unfortunate reminder that we need to be mindful of our belongings here, after all that is the case in the real world.”