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Welcoming Our New Head and Faculty

Mrs. Farrell, Mayfield’s new head of school, welcoming students on the first day of school with the Student Council!

As we begin this new school year at Mayfield, we are introduced to several new faces on our campus. From humanities to sciences and comedy fans to war film lovers, there are many new additions to Mayfield’s academic community that we’ve welcomed into our family.


Laura Farrell

One of the biggest changes this year has been the addition of Laura Farrell, who has become the new head of school in light of Kate Morin’s retirement. During her high school years in Alexandria, Virginia, Mrs. Farrell was involved in the student government and captain of the debate team. Since graduating from the College of William and Mary, Mrs. Farrell has worked in schools for 27 years– 18 of which have been spent at all-girls schools– teaching countless history and English courses. In an interview with the Mayfield Crier, Mrs. Farrell shares that as she begins her journey as Mayfield’s new head of school, she is “looking forward to getting to know the Pasadena community” as well as “collaborating with people [at Mayfield] to make it the best school it can be”. Despite her administrative position, Mrs. Farrell hopes to stay connected with her students. She believes that it is an essential part of being  “a good leader” in the community. Carrying on Mrs. Morin’s legacy, Mrs. Farrel can be seen every morning welcoming students on campus and getting to know them, whether that be chatting about Starbucks or asking how their morning has been. Being welcomed by a familiar face is something the Mayfield community has grown accustomed to during Kate Morrin’s time as the head of school, and it does not go unnoticed that Mrs. Farrell has taken the time out of her day to continue that special tradition.

Mrs. Farrell’s Love for history can be seen through her favorite movie: Glory, a war film she used to teach, which covers African American participation in the Civil War. Additionally, her favorite band is the Dave Matthews band, and after attending both of their November concerts she will have seen them 58 times! She explained to the Mayfield Crier Staff that she has “been all over the country with a group of friends” in order to see them in concert. Like many in the Mayfield community, her most anticipated tradition is Kris Kinds, Mayfield’s week-long Christmas celebration.

Mrs. Farrell has made a wonderful impression on the staff and the student body here at Mayfield, and we are so excited to see what else she will accomplish as our new head of school.


Along with the new head of school, Mayfield has hired many new teachers. The Mayfield Crier Staff interviewed two of the new junior teachers, Michael Sifter and Julia Pinney, to see how their first month at Mayfield has gone.


Michael Sifter

An alum of UCLA, Georgetown, and Cal Poly Pomona, Michael Sifter starts his first year at Mayfield as one of the Junior Theology teachers. His prior job at Alverno School gave him experience working in an all-girls environment, which helps make him a perfect fit for Mayfield. In an interview with the Mayfield Crier Staff, Mr. Sifter explained that his favorite thing about Mayfield so far is the people, the students, the faculty, and the staff, stating that “everyone is so loving and warm”. He is the most excited about Kris Kinds and seeing what Christmas traditions Mayfield has in store. He explained that he loves early 80s movies, including Deerhunter and Diner.


Julia Pinney

A graduate from Georgetown, Julia Pinney starts her first year at Mayfield teaching English to the Sophomores and Juniors. Her favorite thing about Mayfield so far is the environment that comes with being an all girls school. She loves how being at a school like Mayfield, her students feel freer to be “silly” since they are surrounded by other women. In addition to that, her favorite movie is Thelma and Louise, a film with two female main characters. Mrs. Pinney is also looking forward to the service days, and how they are incorporated into the school year.


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