Pleasing by Harry Styles: A Review


Frances Aguirre

Pleasing pop-ups immerse customers into Harry Styles’ ideal world of inclusivity.

“Put a price on emotion, I’m looking for something to buy. You’ve got my devotion. But man, I can hate you sometimes.” Just kidding, unlike the opening lyrics to Harry Styles’ masterful song Fine Line I could never hate Harry Styles. And while Harry’s music often depicts the fine lines between the highs and lows of love, his fans, self-called Stylers cross all lines to get closer to the iconic rock-star life coach.

I consider myself to be a Harry Styles fan. I once flew 11 hours to see him in concert. Locally, I’ve seen him three times. I once woke up at 1:00 am and camped out at the arena to get in the front row of the pit. On a scale of 1-10 of how big of a Harry Styles fan am I: I’m a 10. So I’m a good target for Pleasing. For folks like me visiting Styles’ brand pop-up, Pleasing, is too hard to resist. 

Harry fans at a first glance, look normal, but anyone willing to stand a minimum of two hours to enter, (my wait in NYC was six hours) are all in. So, about the brand…Styles’ doesn’t tie his music and career into his brand. He has his merch, which is uniquely branded to Harry, and his music, but Pleasing, is a shop without him being directly related. 

There have been six Pleasing pop ups – London, New York, and Los Angeles. Once in March of 2022 and then again in November and December of 2022. Merchandise includes nail polish, socks, shirt, shorts, hoodies, crewnecks, face serums, eye serums, eyeshadow, makeup, towels, bags, bandanas, and more. 

Sure there’s a website, but in the store there’s a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to personalize your merchandise, even further embroidery and patches. You can also get card calligraphy or a writer can write you a personal poem. 

Pleasing is unique and idealistic just like Harry would want if you were to ask him. There is diversity – all colors, ages, shapes and attitudes – in their models, their employees, and their merchandise. If you take a scroll through the website and or instagram, you see a septuagenarian, young women, and men of color that are examples of Pleasing’s inclusive yet carefully-curated group of people. 

For me in particular, I bought the nail polish, but I don’t paint my own nails, why would I buy it though? Because it’s Harry Styles. There is no real way to explain or give detail as to why I myself and others do that, it’s just the effect Harry Styles has on people. Harry Styles is a person who brings many together with his kindness, and honesty. People tend to look up to and admire Harry, as do I. Pleasing works both ways.