Trouble in Paradise: White Lotus Review


Baring scandalous lives of the privileged, curious, and oblivious, White Lotus is an incredible series bound to generate questions in your mind. Image courtesy HBO

If you really want to know a person, go on vacation with them. Tangled plotlines, unsettling music, and times that call for desperate measures. HBO’s dark-humored series White Lotus is undeniably something that you have never experienced before, or maybe you have.

White Lotus is a series that follows the happenings and adventures of individuals staying at the White Lotus, as well as the lives of the employees and how their conflicts heat up leading them to a spiral of stress. The series is riveting due to its realistic depiction of the lives we lead while on vacation and how our personal conflicts can lead us into a frenzy of arguments. In the show’s fictitious dimension, White Lotus is an extravagant 5-star resort franchised throughout the world. Season one of the series took place in Hawaii while Season two traveled to Sicily.

Writer and creator, Mike White portrays the characters of White Lotus in a flawed light providing them with their own tragic defect. Bubbly character Tayna McQuoid, played by the iconic Jennifer Coolidge, displays the clueless female archetype whose tragic story unfolds throughout seasons one and two. White Lotus supplies the audience with a private insight into the vacations of these individuals and what they’re doing here, who they’re here with, and how this trip will affect their relationships. The show mirrors elements of a Greek tragedy, leading the characters to their own self-awareness. However, some may be too late.

White Lotus drives the audience into a personable reflection of the life they lead, and how one would deal with challenging relationships and situations. This show is a guilty pleasure, private yet invigorating to be allowed a glimpse of a person’s life so vividly. It’s simply a taste of human nature to be curious about another individual’s life. This is particularly apparent in season two, when Harper and Ethan, a new-money couple, attend a trip with troublesome fresh friends Cameron and Daphne Sullivan who possess their own string of issues. Harper, fascinated by Sullivan’s facade of a relationship, searches for the missing “spark” of hers. She carries a horrendous interest in the seemingly “perfect life” of the contrasting couple until she realizes the depth of Sullivan’s scandals.

All in all, if you feel the need to delve into the scandalous lives of the privileged, curious, and oblivious, White Lotus is an incredible series bound to generate questions in your mind. Powerful themes of adultery, the dark side of money, wealth, and death are deliciously present throughout both seasons. Mike White, confirmed a season 3 as we await the new set of tourists that will embark on a journey or lesson of a lifetime. You’re in for a treat.