Rachael’s Guide to Mayfield’s School Lunches


Jordan Steele

Rachael Yoon ’24 provides an insight into the school lunches at Mayfield! Graphic designed by Jordan Steele ’26

PASADENA, California– Every day, Mayfield provides the option for a different catered lunch. Whether it be Porta Via, California Skewers, Teri N Yaki, or Domino’s, Mayfield’s students have many differing opinions. As regular lunch buyer and foodie, I thought I’d share my opinions on Mayfield’s most regulated lunches.

  1. Chicken Kebabs: Chicken Kebabs are served with rice, hummus, and pita every Thursday. California Skewers’ chicken kebabs are at the top of my list because they never fail to satiate me after a long morning of classes. Also, the hummus flavor is traditional and, therefore, appealing to many. The chicken is always cooked just right and is perfectly warm with just the right amount of flavorful rice pilaf . My friends and I look forward to chicken kebabs every Thursday and have never been disappointed.

    California Skewers Chicken Kabobs. Graphic by Jordan Steele ’26 
  2. Baked Ziti: Every Monday you can find girls running from their classes to get a good spot in line for Porta Via’s baked ziti which is a delicious way to start off the week. However, the baked Ziti did not make the top of my list because the pasta condenses in the tin and it can be difficult to eat with plastic utensils.

    Porta Via Baked Ziti. Graphic by Jordan Steele ’26
  3. Pizza: Mayfield serves Domino’s cheese and pepperoni pizza every Friday. At exactly 1:00 every Friday you will see a long line stretching from the entrance of Pike to Pergola lawn. While Domino’s pizza is a clear favorite among Mayfield students, I would argue that the pizza slice sizes vary and leave me hungry on occasion. Also, I don’t feel that Domino’s embodies the Mayfield lunch the way the first two options do – I just don’t think of Mayfield when I eat Domino’s pizza. Nonetheless, Domino’s made the top three because of its consistent deliciousness and popularity among Mayfield students.

    Domino’s Pizza. Graphic by Jordan Steele ’26 
  4. Taquitos: California Skewers taquitos are served less often than the other lunches I have mentioned. Served with the taquitos are rice and pinto beans. While I could argue that this lunch is largely underrated, there are a few reasons as to why the taquitos are fourth on my list. Because of the container the taquitos are kept in to keep them warm, the taquitos are often softer than the normal taquito. In addition, the portions of rice and beans are very small. This lunch leaves me wanting more. However, I continue to buy this lunch every time it appears on the  menu because it is so different from the other lunches and a fun way to mix things up.
  5. Teri N Yaki: Teri N Yaki is served every Wednesday. Teri N Yaki is very flavorful and serves just the right amount of food to energize me for the rest of the school day. However, having to order online can be very inconvenient. Also, many Mayfield students argue that their Teri N Yaki is not very warm when eaten, so, unfortunately, Teri N Yaki falls at the bottom of my list. Some feel that the noodles included in the bowl are very good but the rice tends to be dense.

    Teri and Yaki Baked Ziti. Graphic by Jordan Steele ’26 (Jordan Steele)