Women’s Ensemble Takes on Hartland!


Monica Zepeda

Students spend time together on the lake with paddle boats.

PASADENA, California– Mayfield’s Women’s Ensemble woke up bright and early on Friday, September 23rd to embark on their 2022-2023 choir retreat. Students loaded their sleeping bags, stuffed animals, pillows, and music binders into Mayfield’s vans and then were off. Their first stop was Granite Hills High School in Porterville, CA, where singers sang a few of their songs to Taft Union High School and Granite Hills. They delivered a beautiful performance.


After the choir exchange, students drove a few more hours to arrive at Hartland Christian Camp. The camp was filled with wonderful pine and sequoia trees, as well as a lake to canoe in. The weekend was filled with rehearsals, bonding and spiritual time, and activities. The biggest highlights of the retreat weekend were the campfire and the volleyball game against Taft Union High School. Mayfield’s Cubs took the win! At the campfire, students ate delicious smores and participated in an activity called “Rock of the Day,” where students would give each other a special rock and tell them something they admire about them. The volleyball game was filled with excitement, Mayfield cheers, and teamwork. On the choir’s last night at Hartland, they joined each other outside to stargaze. 


Students have compiled pictures to share with our Mayfield community.