Freshmen Reflect On the First Week at Mayfield


The upperclassmen welcome the class of 2026 to Mayfield!

Xitlali Lizarde , Staff Writer

With the start of school here at Mayfield, freshmen are able to answer the question, ‘What’s high school like?’ for themselves. Experiencing the transition from middle school to high school can feel like a significant change with new responsibilities. 

“The spirit is so fun and I love the friendly competition,” Hannah Alfaro ’26 said at the first week’s assembly.

“The upperclassmen are so supportive because they make you feel like you really belong at Mayfield,” Alfaro said.

“My first week of school as a high school student was exciting and nerve-wracking,”  Lauren Acrenas ’26 said the workload was a big difference. 

“In middle school, I got at least 5-8 assignments in a week, but in the first week I got 13 assignments,” Acrenas said.

“Everyone was super nice and the teachers were so amazing,” said Colette Nappi ’26. 

“Getting used to the schedule is the hardest thing so far. But with so many people at my old school, it’s surprising that I already know most people in my class.”

Overall, most freshmen said they had a good, welcoming first week of high school. “I felt unprepared at times, but I got back on my feet like riding a bike for the first time in a while,” Hannah Alfaro said.