Mayfield Minute: Golf Season Highlights


Allison Erickson (‘23) and Kiki Velasquez (‘24) bonding over their love of golf captured by Danica Bachman ‘24

The 2022 Mayfield golf season has kicked off with a punch! Varsity has competed in multiple matches, all of which have been a building experience for the players as they gain greater exposure to the sport and enhance their skills. Head Coach, Terry Cunningham, feels “optimistic” that the golf team will continue to get better as the season progresses. As for the Junior Varsity team, many players competed in their first golf scrimmage against Westridge last week, where they became familiar with golf etiquette while having fun on the course. New to golf, Junior Varsity player, Allison Erickson, explained she is “improving slowly but surely” and is excited for the rest of the season as well as forming new friendships along the way. The entire Mayfield golf team continues to strengthen camaraderie and keep their spirits high throughout the remainder of season.