Harry Styles in Concert: Spreading Acceptance and Love on Tour


Madison Rojas

Styles’s talent oozed out of every performance. Photo taken by Madison Rojas ‘23

PASADENA, California– On a chilly November night, Harry Styles fans layered winter coats over 70s-inspired flare pants and GoGo boots and streamed into the rainbow-illuminated Forum Arena in Los Angeles. The opening notes of fashion icon and musical sensation Harry Styles’ song “Golden” echoed throughout a sold-out arena as the lights went dark above a screaming throng of adoring fans. Strobe lights focused center stage as Styles emerged from the floor playing his guitar and wearing a sparkly black shirt, trousers, and matching suspenders as the crowd goes wild. 

The performer introduced himself to an enthusiastic crowd, “Hi, I’m Harry. Welcome to Love on Tour,” in a swoon-worthy English accent. Styles encouraged fans to “be whoever it is they want to be”, creating an accepting atmosphere allowing thousands of young fans to express their identities. Many queer followers of the singer find his concerts to be a safe place as Styles’ often blends masculinity and femininity within his own artistry. One fan even waved a sign reading “Help me come out”. While flying a LGBTQ+ pride flag above his head, Styles declared the fan to be officially “out” to a supportive crowd. 

Styles’s talent oozed out of every performance as he perfectly executed 18 songs including a mixture of soft rock, upbeat pop, and emotional melodies. His Bowie-esque eccentricity entranced fans all night long. An audience of many identities, from teenage girls to their dad chaperones, cheered at Styles’ energetic dancing during his song “Adore You”, teared up during the heart wrenching “Fine Line”, and erupted into dance during “Treat People With Kindness”. Enthralled in the safe space, free from criticism or prejudice, one can’t help but be overwhelmed by the music and shed a few tears. 

After 90 minutes of dancing, singing, and sobbing, the show came to a close but the emotional sanctuary Styles fostered lingered long after everyone went home. A vast online community of “Harries” (the nickname for the Harry Styles fandom) recounted the exciting events on Instagram and Twitter later that night. Unwilling to leave the fantasy world of Love on Tour, fans reposted Styles’ outfit and recalled memorable moments of the show. 

The concert was a celebration of identity and an expression of love. Styles made fans feel safe during a time in which self-expression is often under attack and that is something few musical artists are able to achieve. Like stated in the lines of the song “Treat People With Kindness”, Love on Tour truly taught fans that even through isolation and political chaos, everyone can “find a place to feel good”. For one night, Styles allowed fans to dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening, and love without hesitation.