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Maybe Friday nights are your designated “going to the movies, getting ice cream, grabbing dinner, having fun night.” For me, Friday nights are my favorite days to sit on my couch, make a milkshake, and watch TV. A simple but ideal night. Over the past few months, during my brain breaks between doing homework and such, I have binged a grand variety of shows that all have one thing in common. Romance. I know what you may be thinking: “That is so cliche, Monica. Why are you so obsessed with romance shows and movies?” To be completely honest, I am not fully sure why I am so inclined to continue watching my favorite genre of shows (and movies). I am here to give suggestions to those who are like me, and always need a good show on their “Watching Now,” “Continue Watching,” or “Watch It Again” list. Maybe you have already watched these shows and this would make you even more extraordinary. If you haven’t watched these shows, I highly recommend them, meaning that they have my stamp of approval. Enjoy!


Mon’s Favorite TV Shows (not ranked)

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!

  • Friends

Friends is an impeccable show that I will never get bored of. To me, Friends is always the show I watch while I’m looking for another show to start watching. It has never disappointed me nor bored me. I have grown incredibly attached to the show and the characters in it, meaning that I will love it forevermore!

  • Gossip Girl

I love this show so much. If I am being completely honest, the only thing that kept me motivated to finish this show was seeing Blair and Chuck end up together. Blair is my favorite character, and I believe this speaks for itself since her fashion sense, personality, and everything about her is iconic. I found this whole show constantly interesting and like every show at some point, a bit annoying. I have one major opinion about the show which is that I believe Chuck and Blair’s wedding deserved a longer scene (I understand the circumstances that they were in but I do feel we deserved a more in-depth scene). 

  • The O.C.

I watched The O.C. immediately after finishing Gossip Girl (because I also had a hole in my heart after watching Gossip Girl). Similar to Gossip Girl, the main aspect that kept me motivated in finishing this show was seeing Seth and Summer end up together. I have the same strong opinion about Seth and Summer’s wedding because it literally felt like a 10-second clip (and I think it really was). Overall, I loved the show and knowing me, it would be clear that Seth Cohen is my absolute favorite character from this show.

  • Anne with an E

Anne with an E is the most recent show I finished watching. Long story short, I also have a hole in my heart after watching this show. I absolutely loved it, and I am so sad that the show got canceled after season three. I truly believe that it had much more potential and that we deserved to see Anne and Gilbert live out their future together. If you’ve heard me talking about the show recently, you would know that Gilbert Blythe is my favorite character and that Jerry is my second favorite character. 

  • One Tree Hill

I have a confession to make: One Tree Hill is the only show I have not fully finished watching. However, based on what I have watched, I think I am perfectly qualified to speak on it. The first season was interesting and I really did think it was great. However, it slowly started getting less interesting which made me less inclined to even try watching it. Maybe the show gets better in later seasons, but I have yet to find out. The reason why this is on my favorite shows list is because I find all of the characters very interesting, and I enjoy tracking their character development throughout the early seasons.