Christmas Gift Guide–from a Fashion Fanatic


Courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr

Christmas gifts and branches of a decorated christmas tree.

Happy holidays, readers–welcome to the season of joy, happiness, and family! What do those things all have in common, you may ask? The answer is gifts!

Every year, I find myself faced with the same gift-giving problem–what to gift and what not to gift? Handmade, homemade, store-bought, personal, somewhat impersonal. There is a world of questions I could ask myself about the perfect gift. However, I have found a sort of recipe for gift giving during the holiday season:

#1 For more impersonal gifts (i.e. you don’t know the person very well and still want to give some of your Holiday spirit to them), opt to buy them 1 or 2 things out of the following list:

  • Fuzzy socks
  • Pine or vanilla-scented candle
  • Hand cream
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Fancy pen(s)
  • Coffee mug with Christmas pattern
  • Starbucks gift card

#2 For extended family members, I’d opt for a kitchen appliance or kitchenware of some kind. Examples could include anything from tea towels, a milk frother, food processor, or handheld blender (depending on how much you’d like to spend). I always feel like buying family homeware gifts are well-suited.

#3 For your parents and siblings, get them something you know you will like. You live with them and undoubtedly hear about their greatest wishes and desires in terms of gifts. I challenge you all to fulfill their wildest dreams this Christmas season. Bonus points if you team up with someone else from your household and get them something more extravagant together.

#4 For those who you have no idea what gift to give–fear not! In this case, it is acceptable to either purchase a gift card, or provide an experience. Perhaps something like getting your nails done together, a dinner date, or maybe a movie. I find that the people in my life who are more apprehensive to gifting absolutely love the subtle personal touch of quality time as opposed to something physical. 

With all that said, keep in mind that the Holidays are also time to take care of yourself. I have a rule to buy myself at least one Christmas gift, and let the other gift be some self-care–I read more, take bubble baths with the December issue of Vogue, and graze around my kitchen in search of Holiday delicacies(normally from the holy ground, See’s Candies). 

I am wishing you all peace and joy in whatever you celebrate and I hope the magic of this season enters your life, hopefully through some lovely gifts!