The Story Behind the Flair for your Flask

Drew Valentino


So how did the simple act of drinking water become a culture? Maybe it has to do with water bottle flair. In a school full of diverse and creative women, you can often find students sporting their favorite reusable water bottles adorned with stickers.

Why stickers? And what do they mean? 

“I put stickers on my water bottle because they’re cute, and it spices things up. I know it’s mine,” said Le Anh Metzger ’22, who has stickers related to things such as interests, or gifts from friends or family adorning her bottle. “Who else has the Virgin Mary and Avatar on one bottle.” 

Senior Le Anh Metzger’s water bottle decorated with stickers from clubs, TV shows, and travel destinations. (Drew )

“It’s also a great conversation starter,” Metzger said. As a way of self-branding, Metzger pointed to her Girls Learn International sticker, which she made herself and which can be seen around campus. 

Many use stickers to show support for political causes too. A stray water bottle found in the gym ice room had stickers related to the United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with the caption “Rise to the Ocasio.” 

A water bottle in the gym decorated with a sticker of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with the caption “Rise to the Ocasio.” (Drew Valentino)

The presence of branding, such as stickers featuring wildlife and California scenery on sophomore Lina Wallgren’s water bottle can help you learn about your classmates’ interests. 

Sophomore Lina Wallgren’s water bottle stickers featuring travel spots in California and Mayfield spirit stickers. (Drew Valentino)

Whether it’s Glossier, Brandy Melville, travel destinations, favorite movies, shows, memes, or the support of a Mayfield club, next time you pass by a friend or even stranger in the hall, consider it an invitation to start a conversation.