Lights. Camera. SERVICE


Source: Netigate.

All eyes were on charity during Mayfield’s first ever service assembly. Students were interspersed throughout the bleachers with faculty along the sidelines, chatting amongst themselves, unaware of the meaningful presentation about to ensue. 

Having the assembly at the beginning of the school year, said Kelly Yatsko ‘22, one of the co-heads of Campus Ministry Council highlights Campus Ministry’s goal to “give students ample ways they can get involved with their communities.”

The assembly consisted of five speakers, which included four students and one faculty member. Each presented their experiences with a service organization and how their time serving others has transformed their outlook on life. 

Heidi Teng ‘22 referenced her work with Girls Learn International, a nonprofit organization with many chapters across the world, including one at Mayfield. GLI advocates for human rights and equality worldwide with an emphasis on women’s education. Mayfield students can get involved by joining the club, donating to the upcoming period product drive in November, and exploring this organization’s website. 

Lucia Avila ‘22 spoke about her service with the women’s shelter, LA Mission. This shelter serves homeless women by providing food, showers, and care. Cubs can provide necessary materials during the November drive and directly volunteer at the shelter. 

Katherine Moses ‘22 expanded upon her Girls Scout Gold Award work with the LA Zoo. She created the Sustainability Signage initiative which makes posters and infographics that raise awareness about endangered species. By joining the sustainability club or volunteering at the LA Zoo, Mayfield students can make an impact. 

Caroline Squire ‘23 introduced her project, ITeens or Information Tech Teenagers. Squire founded the service in 2020 to “assist Senior Citizens” with technology courses. 

And finally, Mr. Billy Abdallah, freshman physics teacher, dove into his service with the Los Angeles LGBT Center in West Hollywood. The Mayfield Community can get involved by serving as kitchen staff during open food nights and donating items to support the unhoused. 

Thank you to all the speakers who braved a gym of expectant faces and inspired countless students and faculty alike to participate in service. We can’t wait to see how this will bring our motto ‘Actions Not Words’ to life.