Welcome Back Mayfield Cubs!


Mayfield Crier

Mayfield Students sitting inside Strub Hall during hybrid learning.

April at Mayfield is typically a time when the school year winds down and students look ahead to summer. In this unusual year, however, students are instead entering a new beginning. On April 8th, Mayfield students drove down Bellefontaine St to attend school for the first time in more than a year. Despite students seeing each other digitally on Zoom for months, that Thursday brought forth the similar joy felt when reuniting with classmates after a long summer. Students, especially seniors, may struggle with the contradictory emotions that come with returning to campus at the end of the school year, but Mayfield staff have helped the transition feel both natural and manageable by greeting everyone with kindness and enthusiasm. 

Though many may have been hesitant to return to campus under COVID conditions, Mayfield has worked remarkably hard to make campus as safe as possible. Hand sanitizer bottles and hand wiping stations line the classrooms and hallways, and students are required to wipe down their seating areas each time they leave class. Though moving throughout campus on the predetermined paths may be a little tricky, teachers are always there to help out and guide students. Despite everything that has happened this past year, Mayfield staff have been incredible at making sure the return to campus was a warm and welcoming experience.