Alice and Jasper: The Best Couple of Eternity


Digital Drawing of Twilight couple Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale, drawn by Madison Rojas ‘23

PASADENA, California — Whether you choose to crack open the books or sit down to watch the movies, the Twilight series has impacted the world since their respective releases in 2005 and hit 2008. Since then, Twihards have been utterly obsessed with the iconic relationship between Edward Cullen, the sparkly skinned vampire born in the 1900s, and Bella Swan, the human teenage girl who loves him. 

Fanpires also feel a connection to the adorable couple that is Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen. To non-devotees of the Twilight universe, Alice and Jasper’s love story is the immortal blood coursing through the shadows of the narrative’s veins. As Valentine’s day comes up around the corner, it is the perfect time to honor one of the best vampire relationships of all time. J-Alice forever!

Alice Cullen is one of the most iconic female vampire characters to have come out of the 2010s. Any other vampire pales (get it because vampires are pale?) in comparison to Alice’s chic fashion sense, unique pixie haircut, and bubbly personality. Alice is the definition of sparkling — literally her skin sparkles in the sun. Not only does Alice have impeccable fashion taste, she can also see into the future. In the Twilight universe, certain vampires have special powers that enhance their supernatural abilities. Alice can have a vision of the future but only when a decision has been made by someone she knows. Alice is greatly associated with groundbreaking fashion choices. In the movies, she is seen rocking bejeweled chokers, layered dresses, colorful scarves, and cozy arm warmers. Alice pulls off the short, spiky, layered hair like no other and her character is not complete without this hair-do. Throughout the Twilight books and movies, Alice’s playful personality is shown as she steals the spotlight in almost every scene she appears. When Alice makes her entrance in the first movie of the series, you can’t help but be mesmerized by her intriguing persona. 

Though his name sounds like something you would name your golden retriever puppy, Jasper is far from it. The brooding and reserved vampire (whose puppy dog eyes make him look like he’s always in pain) does not overshadow the brilliance of his partner, Alice. Jasper has the ability to sense the emotions of others around him and manipulate them using his mind. Jasper Hale always dresses like he’s off to work at his 9 to 5 office job. Unlike the kitschy clothing style of his girlfriend, Jasper’s wardrobe consists mainly of button up shirts and pullover sweaters you would find in your dad’s closet. The newest member of the Cullen clan, Jasper is still adjusting to the “vegetarian” lifestyle of the other Cullens (this means he is still adapting to living off of only animal blood, rather than craving human blood). 

You may be asking yourself, why are these two high school journalists writing about a random topic such as Jalice (Alice + Jasper) from the Twilight series? Well, let us explain our Twilight fanatic ways. Alice and Jasper’s relationship is what every couple should strive to be. Jasper respects Alice and her mysterious ways, while Alice appreciates her partner’s quiet personality. The vampire couple share a very equal relationship, neither of them are controlling or possessive of the other which creates a very healthy and long-lasting connection ( very important since they’re vampires and they live forever!). What makes Alice and Jasper’s bond especially adorable is how Alice went searching for Jasper after seeing a vision of their future relationship. Jasper reveals in the third movie, Eclipse, that when the couple first met, Alice had said, “You kept me waiting long enough,” while Jasper responded with, “My apologies ma’am.”  If only we had Alice’s powers, right? 

As Valentine’s day rolls around, many of us will find ourselves stuffing our faces with ice cream and rewatching the incomparable romance movie that is Twilight while simultaneously sobbing over the fact that we will never fall in love with an emo vampire, specifically a Cullen. It is important to remind ourselves that our very own Alice or Jasper is out there in the world seeking us just as much as we are searching for them. So don’t cry yourself to sleep this Valentine’s day, instead, manifest your own future vampire love story.