What’s Your Personality?

Remember when BuzzFeed quizzes were all the rage back in middle school? Advertisements on Snapchat’s discover page would entice us to click on quizzes with titles such as “Which Disney Princess Are You?” or “What Kind of Teen Are You?” But now, personality quizzes are a thing of the past. Or are they? There’s a ‘new’ personality quiz gaining popularity and this time, it’s actually reliable. 

The Enneagram is a kind of personality typing that allows you to deeply analyze yourself while answering questions regarding your emotions, work ethic, and more. Although the Enneagram has recently become a trend, its origin actually dates back to the establishment of the pythagorean theorem. It has both spiritual and mathematical roots, but its history is largely disputed with possible ties to Judaism, Christianity and Sufi tradition. 

The Enneagram has three major categories: body, heart, and head. Within each of these  categories are three personality types, making a total of nine. The ‘body’ types tend to focus on being in control, belonging in a social setting, and morally right actions. Those in ‘heart’ are empathetic and strongly feel their emotions. The ‘head’ based individuals are rational decision makers that prioritize safety. 

Deeper look into the traits associated with the 9 enneagram types. Photo from the Maumama:

The Body

The Perfectionist (1): Responsible, principled, and self-critical 

The Protector (8): Decisive, confident, and impulsive

The Mediator (9): Peacemaker, receptive, and complacent 


The Heart

The Giver (2): Caring, generous, and possessive 

The Performer (3): Adaptable, driven, and impatient 

The Romantic (4): Authentic, expressive, and self-absorbed 


The Head

The Observer (5): Analytical, self-sufficient, and isolated 

The Loyal Skeptic (6): Trustworthy, intuitive, and suspicious 

The Epicure (7): Adventurous, versatile, and uncommitted 

Every individual has one ultimate type that they are most aligned with, but are not limited to the characteristics defined by their number. It’s important to note that just because the quiz categorizes you into one of the number types, it doesn’t mean that you exemplify all the attributes associated with that type. The brief overview of each type above is just a sample of the wide range of qualities that each individual may possess. 

The Enneagram not only allows you to gain insight about your own personality, but also makes you more aware of how to interact and empathize with others based on their Enneagram number / type. Take the quiz using this link and share with your friends to compare your personalities. Remember, these tests are fun but they don’t define who you are, so don’t take the results too seriously. Happy quizzing!