Dodgers Win World Series: How a Baseball Team’s Win Unified A Socially-Distanced City


Photo by: Junkyardsparkle. Photo taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Dodger Stadium viewed from the upper deck.

PASADENA, CA–October 27, 2020 rendered Los Angeles a city of champions – at least, within the aspect of Major League Baseball. It is not everyday that the so-called Boys in Blue successfully defeat their opponents in the largest showdown of October playoffs: the World Series. In fact, the Dodgers have won National League pennants in 2017, 2018, but the Commissioner’s Trophy has proved elusive to the team since 1988. Yet, 2020 has entirely marked a renewed era of a potential Dodger dynasty–defeating the Tampa Bay Rays with confidence and flair. Whether it was Mookie Betts’ eloquent catches in right field or Seager’s seemingly never ending hits, the Dodgers looked spectacular. 

Even Los Angeles citizens that are not necessarily Dodger fans express contentedness and congratulatory messages toward the team’s win. Senior Caity Wackerly ‘21, a Padres fan, remarked that it was “cool to see the joy that many people had towards it, and no matter who I support, I am happy it made my community proud and joyful.” 

As a sport in general, baseball creates an ambience of support, love, and fulfillment and Dodger fans can attain shared identities–fans of all backgrounds, places, beliefs, and experiences. Although due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is not possible to crowd the stadium with blaring cheers, Dodgers fans still form a community of impassioned individuals thoroughly committed to the cause.

“The Dodger community is still so inspirationally active. Although stay at home orders are in place, fans can virtually rally together, which I believe is so unifying and prideful for the community,” elaborated Kristina Vu ‘21.

Thus, the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series title catalyzes the expansive and diverse community of Los Angeles, California to rally together. We can now and forever say, Root for the Dodgers!