Frame It!

Anna Ochniak, Photography Editor

Welcome to Frame It! A Mayfield community photo gallery. This week’s theme is Pets.

Lucy Martinez’s dog!
Lina Wallgren’s cat Roxie!
Mr. Alvarez’s dog Mortie!
Ms. Gomez’s dog Billie Holiday!
Lucia Derriman’s dog!
Butterpat the cat!
Grace Fontes’ cat!
Anna Ochniak’s dogs: Fifi and Darwin!
Esme Chiara’s dog Zoey!
Esme Chiara’s dog Frank!
Elise DeGroot’s dog Lily!
Camilla Nelson’s cat Wheezer!
Brigitte Berger’s cat Amber!
Gabrielle Owen’s dog!
Gabrielle Owen’s dog and cat!
Isabella Tiner’s dog Nani!

If you enjoyed this and want to participate please send photos to [email protected]. The next theme is Fall pictures and decorations for the week of October 12-16.