Is Quarantine Causing a Faith disCONNECT?


The Mayfield Crier

Mass of the Holy Spirit

Has your faith connection cut out during quarantine like your internet connection does on Zoom? Maybe that’s because it’s difficult to maintain a stable link to spirituality when significant aspects of our faith journey are missing: church and school. These two institutions are pivotal parts of our spirituality as they promote community, a main aspect of Christianity. It’s very easy to lose motivation without these constants in our lives continuously prompting us to commit to faith-led actions. However, we must not be discouraged by what hinders our faith growth, but instead look for practices that allow us to reconnect. Here are three ways to maintain a healthy spiritual relationship with the Lord during quarantine.  

1) Download the Bible App

Toss out any preconceived notions you may have about a Bible app and keep an open mind, because this application can be life changing. This app does not just have translations of the Bible, but also interactive ways to have a spirituality-led daily rhythm. It contains thousands of plans, with categories ranging from forgiveness to leadership. Each plan contains a devotional along with a couple of scripture readings that relate to the overall message. Just starting a plan can challenge you to seek out God everyday and further your relationship with him. There are many more cool features so you’ll have to download the app to discover all of its capabilities. 

2) Participate in Service

Service is an integral part of Christianity. It helps you stay connected to your community, raises social awareness, and solidifies your commitment to Jesus. There are many ways to incorporate service into your weekly schedule. Some examples include writing letters to the elderly in retirement homes or children in the foster care system. You can also take part in Mayfield’s new service initiative: Loaves and Fishes. Every Wednesday morning from 8:00-9:30 a.m. sack lunches will be received in a contactless drop off at Mayfield and delivered to our long-time service partner: Union Station. More details about the lunch making and drop-off are available on the links. Click the word ‘service’ for a list of more quarantine-friendly service opportunities. 

3) Listen to Worship Music.  

Music is often deemed the universal language because it has the ability to stimulate emotion, inspire, and educate. It makes the Gospel accessible at any time or place, and ensures that Scripture readings and messages remain constants in your life. A simple tune or melody has the power to connect you to God in unique and personal ways, ultimately allowing you to express your love for him while following His commands. There are many faith-inspired artists including Elevation Worship, Casting Crowns, and Lauren Daigle. They can be found on many platforms such as Spotify

Even in these difficult times, these tips are here to inspire you to actively grow on your faith journey. There is a God who loves you and wants you to seek him out. Remember this message and stay faith focused!