How Can I Stay Motivated While Learning From My Bedroom?


Alyssa Gallardo '23

Alyssa Gallardo’s desk set-up for virtual learning in the 2020-2021 school year.

Finding the motivation to do your school work while still attending school can be difficult, but having to take classes online can be an even greater challenge. Your habits are interrupted, and your motivation is gone. Many students have begun showing a lack of interest in learning when being forced to do so online which, in the long run, can have a disadvantageous effect on their work and school ethic. You may be asking the big question, how can I find the motivation to continue to strive for success when all else seems to be hopeless? Well, instead of solely surrendering to the disadvantages of online instruction, here are several ways for you to rediscover your mental motivation:

  1. Set Goals

We all realize that staring at a screen for seven or eight hours throughout the day does not promote the desire to do much else after the fact. However, one common idea that may boost your eagerness to learn is setting personal goals. I myself find it much less strenuous to complete an assignment when I create a calendar of goals I would like to achieve each week. Whether they be small or large, setting goals can greatly assist in shifting your sluggish mindset to a productive one.

  1. Reward Yourself

Accomplishing a goal or completing a tedious task feels exceedingly satisfying! That alone is rewarding, but doing something pleasing to yourself can establish an even greater internal motivation. For instance, if you reach your weekly goal, reward yourself with a sweet dessert, or a pleasurable day at the park! Whatever makes you happy, give it to yourself to acknowledge your hard work!

  1. Make Connections

Online instruction makes it evidently difficult to connect with our fellow peers. Being that friendships and close relationships are one of the many positive attributes of Mayfield, we must continue to connect with each other even while distancing ourselves. How you may ask? Well, with all our modern day technology, there are an infinite number of ways to stay in touch with those around you. A few examples include Netflix Party, Facetime, Houseparty, and even having a social distanced lunch! Although our current circumstances are not ideal, maintaining close relationships with the people around us is a great source of mental motivation.

  1. Think About the Reasons You’re In School

Personally, whenever I begin to feel discouraged or unmotivated to do my school work, I begin to remind myself of all the reasons why I am enrolled at Mayfield. I am here to educate myself and to develop virtuous working habits that will benefit me later on in life. As a result, if I do not continue to practice those same usual habits as I would if we were learning face-to-face, I will quickly begin to lose the positive benefits that schooling has to offer. Thinking about and reminding ourselves of the key advantages of school is a preeminent source of motivation.

  1. Visualize The Outcome

Writing papers, studying for tests, and classwork in general can keep you so occupied that you tend to forget the rewarding outcomes of all your hard work. If you take a moment to sit back and look at the bigger picture, you will begin to realize that the tasks you are currently performing can have a substantial impact in your future. When you are battling or feeling overwhelmed, visualize the positive outcomes, and you will have a sudden desire to continue on.

These circumstances are ones that I am sure none of us could have ever imagined living in, but our loving Mayfield community is a definite contributor to our motivation to succeed. I encourage you all to take these tips with the greatest consideration and continue to seek various ways to stay positive and stay motivated!