Letter From the Editors: December 20, 2019

The Christmas season is brightly shining… the halls are decked, the holly is hung, and everyone is singing their favorite tunes. You can hear the students’ chatter about the amazing gifts from their Kris Kinds. Though the excitement for Christmas is mainly centered on gifts, there are other ways to express how we care and love for one another. 

Spreading joy to others through the smallest actions can demonstrate our utmost sincerity. Making someone’s day is as simple as decorations in Strub thanks to Mrs. Peters’ creativity, spending your day at a local center to volunteer your time, or even just giving a box of homemade cookies to express your gratitude to a friend. The Mayfield Crier staff has you covered with great ideas for inexpensive gifts and DIY fun in this final 2019 issue.  

Christmas is a time to celebrate the glorious birth of our Lord Jesus and sharing the love He brought into the world. We do this not just through giving gifts, but also by remembering the entire year that has been filled with fun, learning, and triumphs with family and friends. Have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful start to your new year! See you in 2020!