Let it Shine! Saints Are Chosen to Help Us

There are moments in our lives when we feel alone and overwhelmed while facing the challenges of modern life. Yet the beautiful reality, in these times especially, is the myriad of friends who are actually waiting to help: the saints.  

Saints provide great examples through virtues and faithfulness. We turn to saints whose lives resonate with us personally and inspire us to imitate their perseverance. Our dearest role models are thoughtfully given the title of sainthood officially through the process of canonization. 

The first step to being canonized is diocesan review with the local bishop who examines the candidate’s life, virtues of heroism, and faith. Next, the candidate is recommended by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, for the Pope’s approval of the candidate’s continuation toward the second stage of review. 

The second stage is when beatification is gifted, in which the Congregation declares the candidate as “Venerable” for a life of virtue that requires a miracle or “Blessed” for his or her martyrdom. The final stage grants concludes the process of canonization upon the evidence of an additional miracle after beatification, proving the new Saint’s intercession. Once the candidate is canonized, the Church declares the individual worthy of universal veneration with the title of “Saint.” 

Each saint, whether well known or not, lived a life that served God in a special way. In recognizing saints, keep in mind that honoring each one shouldn’t just be based solely on their popularity with the time, but instead on their relativity in our lives. Discovering the stories of saints should help you foster their support in various aspects of your life, even if that means just having a conversation with them throughout the day. 

The next time you find yourself feeling helpless in a situation, remember that the saints are there to guide you.The incredible opportunity we have to reach out to them is even more special because saints want to help. In aiding us through earthly challenges, the saints are overjoyed to please God through helping His people. Striving to be saints in our own lives, let us be ever thankful for the incredible examples who have gone before us. All the saints in Heaven, pray for us!