Varsity vs Faculty Game Fun at the Hoops


Abby Beegle, Columns Co Editor-in-Chief

She’s going, she’s dribbling, she Shoots, she SCORES!!!! And the crowd goes wild!

The Student versus Faculty/Staff basketball game gave students a thrilling break period on January 30. The Varsity Basketball team was projected to win, seeing that they are in the prime of their season, yet the Faculty/Staff proved themselves as worthy underdogs.

Players were substituted to keep the energy fresh and each string brought their own strategies. Mr. Karl, for example, conserved his energy by only playing offense which made for some epic half court hurls to him waiting under the net. 

The Cub spirit filled the gym with cheers and laughter as the intensity grew. Nurse Cota was hustling for the Faculty/Staff Team and even had her glasses knocked off in an intense face off! 

Freshman English teacher Mrs. Brehove enjoyed the game saying, “I was rooting for the faculty, they have a strong squad and they practice so hard and they’ve really been preparing”. 

Ashley Smith ‘22 noted, “I guess the students would have been most likely to win because there on varsity and in game mode” 

Varsity secured the win in the end with a 13 point advantage, but nevertheless both teams cheered for each other and shook hands. Whether you rooted for your favorite teacher or your classmate, it is safe to say that the entire Mayfield community was rooting for a good game—and the Cubs delivered!