Artists’ Work Shown at Cathedral Exhibit


Emily Wallace, News Editor

From oil paintings to charcoal drawings, self portraits to dipdychs, captured photos to interpretive renderings, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels was filled with beautiful artwork belonging to students in the Los Angeles area. 

Hanging proudly at the Robert Graham Memorial Student Art Exhibit were the works of five Mayfield students: Cynthia Ayer ‘20, Audrey Bland ‘20, Magnolia Katz ‘20, Alexia Saigh ‘20, and Emily Wallace ‘20. The theme of the exhibit encompasses spirituality as a whole and students were prompted to create and display works that show their own spirituality in some way. The open-ended subject made way for unique pieces that filled the room with personality.

Representing Photography, Audrey Bland exhibited a breathtaking photo of an overcast day’s sky featuring a center point of clear sky. She alludes to the presence of God in daily life in her work.

Alexia Saigh displayed a captivating photo of her aunt displaying the tattoo she received while held captive in her native country, touching on the perseverance she inspires. 

Visual artist Magnolia Katz’s piece is entitled “Gone Native,” used bright yellow, green, and blue tones in her painting of “the original biblical depiction of angels”  She describes her process writing that her piece “illustrates the experience of feeling like an outsider” as the angel is depicted in both a “supernatural” sense and an earthly way. 

Cynthia Ayer’s  self portrait features different symbols to which she feels connected, including octopus, triangles, and bees. “I used graphite powder and erased the lightest areas of the images to “reveal” those aspects of my identity.”

Emily Wallace visually represented the importance of Faith in her spirituality by showing the face of Christ next to a hand in prayer. Wallace used white charcoal on black paper to reveal the power of Jesus’ light in the darkness.

The title of my piece, Latin for ‘To You, God,’ reflects the message I hope to share: we are all called by God, to God,” said Wallace. 

The artists say they are  grateful for the opportunity to share their work with others and hope to spark inspiration in the spiritual journeys of those who view their work. The exhibit is open to the public at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in the South Gallery through April