Best Friends: Get By With a Little Help From Your Friend

Best Friends: Get By With a Little Help From Your Friend

Our sidekick in life, a partner in crime, our better half: These are all terms we use today to describe the people we hold close to our hearts and who we consider to be our best friends. Best friends can take the form of classmates, family members, childhood friends, along with anyone who we share a unique connection with. But what truly are the most important qualities in a best friend and how do they influence our lives? 


We talked with English Teacher, Mrs. Julie Brehove, who has been blessed with many besties in her life, about how they help her be her best self. 


What is the most important quality in a best friend?

A best friend is someone that you can be your authentic, silly, goofy self around while not being afraid of being ridiculed. And you can show them a meme that you think is funny and they’ll get it, but you can also talk about something serious and they’ll be there for you.

What is one way your best friend has impacted your life?

I have two best friends in my life. My first is my twin sister, Elizabeth.

We have known each other for so long and so well. We’ve spent a lot of time together that oftentimes I don’t need to explain certain things. Like we’ll see someone in a funny hat and both look at each other and just know that it makes us think of our silly neighbor that used to live next door. Or she will send me a picture of a Barbie we used to have and say, “This strikes a deep memory, do you remember this?”

With my husband, Matthew, I can tell him exactly what’s on my mind and I don’t feel like he’s going to judge me. If something [makes me]happy, my first thought is to text Matthew right now or let him know what happened. Or if I’m feeling sad, I tell him and I know he listens to me. And we can also be silly and goofy together. 

What do you depend on from your best friend?

On my sister, I depend on her to fact check our childhood memories and fashion advice, and vice versa. Both [of] my sisters and I have a running group chat. We will continually check-in if the group chat is dormant for a couple of days. Perspective, fashion advice, and just being ourselves. 

I depend on my husband for love and validation. If I’m having a problem we’ll talk through it, if I’m having a good day I want to share it with him, knowing I have a safe place to go. 

What would you do without your best friend?

I don’t even know. I’m a happy person and I love life and I love my students, but I would feel sad because when I think of all the good things that happen, I want to share it with my best friends. I would still be a happy girl, I would be happy, but life is so much better with my best friends.