Letter From the Editors: March 5, 2020

You have no doubt heard the phrases: “Be your best self” and “Live your best life!” But when we really think about these sayings, what do they mean? 

Each person has their own definition of being their best self. These sayings do not explicitly remind us of this fact, but most of us have started to figure this out during high school. Between all of the different pressures we face, sometimes it is difficult to continue being our best when we are held to the standards of our peers. 

Finding the motivation to continue being our best can often be hard especially when we are constantly comparing ourselves to others who we perceive as being their best. We tend to mix up the terms “best” and “perfection”. Living our best lives does not mean living a perfect life, but instead means that each day we grow towards being the best person we are called to be. 

Working to be our best starts with the smaller activities we participate in each day. If we try our best to study for a test, but still don’t get the best outcome, we can look at this situation as successful in working towards being our best selves. 

We can also encourage our best self in accepting others and the diversity in our community. As shown in the diversity assembly, our community is rich with diversity which is what makes Mayfield so special. Each day our definition of “best self” may change as we grow as people. Living our best lives is not an easy concept, but it is motivation to continue to push ourselves each day.