Battle for Banner: Red Team Takes 2020


Madison Brooks, Features Editor

The 3rd annual Red and White competition may have landed on Valentine’s Day, but for a few hours, cubs directed all their love for their respective teams. 

White entered the games motivated for a back-to-back winning title while Red was fired up determined to win again. 

It was looking good for Red who dominated the indoor gym games and the dodgeball competition ending in a tie while failing to come up with a decisive winner. 

Red team’s momentum came to an almost standstill on the turf, with White’s steady comeback in the sack race, shaving cream skittles catch, and water-cup-carrying relay. After four rotations, White’s victory was within reach, having reduced Red’s lead, and leaving the winner yet to be determined as the afternoon drew to a close.

It was only fitting that title came down to the literal tug-of-war for the 2020 banner. Tensions were high, screaming was loud, and the 20 people for each team grabbed the rope. 

Red grasped the advantage at the whistle, and pulled out victorious. Congrats Red! Better luck next year White team!