Seniors: Be Prepared for the Inevitable College Question

Katerina Raptis, Staff Writer

Arguably the best times of the year are when the whole family gets together to celebrate the holidays. However, this can also be one of the most dreaded times for many seniors who fear the worst unavoidable question: “So, where are you going to college?” 

Forget “Hey, how are you?” The first thing family members will want to know this holiday season is going to be about college. Well-meaning, yes, but what loved ones may not realize is that 

seniors are constantly surrounded by pressures related to school, and talking about college applications may add unneeded, and unwanted, stress. 

Preparing some quick responses can be helpful in getting around the incessant college questions at family gatherings. 

“Instead of telling them where they’ve applied, they can say ‘I have applied to a list of schools that are a good fit for me and I will be learning about my admission decisions in the coming months,’” said college counselor, Lynn Maloney, who suggested seniors blame counselors for refraining from specifics.

“They are under so much pressure as it is, we want them to enjoy their time away from school,” said Maloney. 


 They can blame their college counselors here. We tell them not to talk about where they’ve applied or their admission decisions because we don’t want them thinking about it all of the time.”

They  are already thnking about it all of the time an when everybody is asking how are oyur applicaitons come  have you heard back form anywhere are you applying to stanforad

It jsut makes the stress that muc h more heavy andd they need a break it  can’t be on their mind all the time.

Or you could try, “Our college counselors are very strict and they do not let us talk about our college process with people outside of our immediate family because they don’t want us always thinking about”

Our college counselors say that the holidays are a time that we should try to stop stressing about college and admissions and instead enjoy our time off of school.