Scared of Lasts…Scared to Leave

Madison Brooks, Features Editor

As Seniors we celebrate our last year of Mayfield Traditions. We go into each big event such as the Dig Pink game and Kris Kinds, knowing that it is our last. As we approach this new exciting point in our lives we are sad to leave these great traditions behind, but are comforted by always being welcomed back into this great community. Although we are looking forward to the time ahead of us, each of us are scared in our own ways. Some are scared where they will end up and others are scared about the future in general. As we think about the times ahead none of us know exactly what to anticipate. This feeling can either be exciting or scary. Many are scared of growing up. In only a couple of months the 20’s are approaching, which is the decade where we begin to make huge choices such as where we will work, if we will go to graduate school, etc. This makes most of us miss our childhood and in some ways we are all scared of growing up, yet at the same time we are excited to. 

Emma Stolpe tells of her last experience at the Dig Pink game, “I really enjoyed the Dig Pink Game and all of the fun spirit emanating from our massive crowd. I spray painted my hair pink to show my support and spirit. I am really going to miss this great tradition.” Mayfield has taught her the joy of being in a strong community with a large amount of school spirit which she will bring with her to college. 

Paloma Torres reflects on her senior year, “I have cried multiple times with each passing tradition. I feel both excited and sad to leave this behind, but I am grateful for the experiences that I have had.” 

Although it can be viewed as a sad time there is also exciting times ahead as we embark on our next journey. We are thankful for Mayfield’s part in shaping us to become the young women we are today.