Ways to Deal When You Are Scared of Stressing Out

Miranda Gallegos and Sophia Kroe

It has happened to all of us. Your mom has been on your case about your grades.  The teachers are annoyed with you because you don’t turn in papers on time.  You sit down to study and are easily distracted.  You are seriously stressed out. 

 No matter what type of stress you experience, all stress impacts the body and takes a toll over time.

Mayfield’s Ann Bussard cautions, “High school can be stressful so  students do have to be aware of going from normal levels of stress to distress.  As you’re learning to interact with your teachers, meet with them more often and be active in class; take your homework and make flashcards, charts, diagrams. The more your brain gets engaged with what you’re learning, it says: ‘Ooh, this isn’t boring, this is interesting!  I am learning things!’ So that is when you turn the stress into something positive.”  

Studies by The American Institute of Stress confirm that there are benefits to stress that include an increased productivity. This “good stress” is known as eustress. There are ways to manage stress and make it work for you, such as: 

1) Practicing mindfulness, which involves focusing on the present and avoiding negative thoughts. Ways to practice mindfulness include yoga, therapy, meditation, healthy eating, and even something as simple as walking with confidence.  

2) Exercise deep breathing to release stress hormones and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the relaxation response.  To begin, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.  Let your shoulders and hands rest easily, and feel yourself begin to relax. Be aware of what happens to your body as your breath enters your body and flows out. 

3) Avoid procrastinating by prioritizing and making a To-Do list with realistic deadlines. Take breaks and switch between tasks to feel a sense of accomplishment as you become more organized. 

4) Learn to say No.  Juggling too many responsibilities can make you feel overwhelmed.  Be selective on what you do and don’t be afraid to say no because of peer pressure.

And if you find yourself stressed out, remember, STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!