Letter From the Editors: September 16, 2019

Hey ladies! This year your newspaper editors are really excited to bring you great stories and keep you up-to-date on all things Mayfield! Let’s start with some background on the paper itself. Did you know that The Mayfield Crier was originally just called The Crier? Do you know what a crier is? 

Well for those who don’t, a crier is an officer who makes public announcements in a court of justice. We are here to update you on stories and important information that you may have missed while you were working hard and living your life!

But this leads us to the next question: what makes something newsworthy? Why do we report on the things that we do? 

Journalists believe that the five principles that make stories newsworthy are: timeliness, proximity, conflict and controversy, human interest, and relevance. Just like the state, national, and global stories that capture your attention, we bring the world to Mayfield through our own breaking news stories. Policy changes? We’ve got the scoop. Assembly? We will continue students’ conversations. Someone does something awesome in sports or the arts or really anything? We tell it so you’ll know it! 

All of this information may bring you to ask yet another question: what does the Mayfield Crier do for the community besides reporting news? 

Well, like most aspects of Mayfield, our paper brings us together. For the girls who don’t want to stand up in front of the whole school and speak their opinions, we give them an outlet to share. We try to give a voice to everyone on campus to show the uniqueness of each person in our community. Not only do we bring the community together through news, but we also do it through fun features and quizzes. Do you want to know which teacher you are most like? We have quizzes that reveal deep (and fun) facts about yourself you never knew! The newspaper staff looks forward to bringing you entertaining stories throughout this amazing school year! Welcome back, Cubs!