Let it Shine! Campus Ministry Team is Largest Ever

Cultivating your faith in high school can be difficult especially when our lives can be centralized on academics and extracurricular activities. However, at Mayfield, we are blessed to have a student-led community that nurtures the expression of faith within a reflective environment.

With a total of 28 students from all four grades, our Campus Ministry team is the largest in recent school history with a record-breaking number of members joining just this year. The ministry continues to attract more and more members, representing a growing interest amongst the student community. Our goal as ministers is to provide students with an accessible outlet to express their questions about faith, service, and social justice issues. 

Our focus in the upcoming months is to plan and accomplish becoming a more hands-on group that involves the participation of the entire school. With this in mind, the ministry has created two newly formed committees, FIAT (Faith In Action Team) and Journey.  FIAT is aimed to focus on the student feedback aspect and the creation of student-led discussions. Just last year in May, council member Megan Moffat ’20, led a discussion on how we view a faith relationship with God. Not only do these discussions encourage the involvement of the Catholic community but they also allow various faith denominations on campus to join in and contribute, thus creating diversity. The Journey committee’s goal is to engage in current social justice issues such as poverty and immigration.

Being part of Campus Ministry is more than writing morning prayers and organizing monthly liturgies; being a minister means encouraging the entire community to have faith in their own actions. In addition, a minister inspires others to know how to identify themselves as an individual who is active in her own community of need. 

As a dedicated member for the past three years and a newly chosen head of Campus Ministry, I encourage others to all strive to be exceptional leaders through their abilities and to listen to other’s concerns and beliefs, with hope of becoming in touch with our moral characters. The most important result of these actions is the capability of knowing which path is intended for our future selves through our perceptive attitudes; our only mission then is to determine if we are willing to have the strength and determination to continue.